Somebody Call Rob Thomas ‘Cos Man, It’s A Hot One Across Australia Today

australia weather heatwave

Park yourself in front of the air conditioner, stick your butt in the freezer or tape a bag of frozen peas to your chest because we’re in for an absolute scorcher of a day across the country today as the heatwave continues.

If you thought you’d get a sigh of relief today after yesterday’s soaring temperatures, think again because today is going to be an absolute belter.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne suffered an “oppressive night” last night, failing to drop below 27 degrees, which means that today will be equally ~not nice~.

Melbourne and Penrith are both set to reach a top of 39C today, while Mildura will max out at 44C. Thankfully, Sydney will have it slightly better off, with the mercury not expected to exceed 32C.

Similarly, Adelaide will see temperatures of 32C today, which doesn’t seem *too* hot, but could be disastrous as the Adelaide Hills region continues to fight off the Cherry Gardens bushfire.

Things are also heating up in Canberra, with the Australian Capital reaching 37 degrees today, which honestly feels like the perfect weather to turn Questacon’s giant slide into a waterslide if you ask me.

As you’d probably expect, there are a number of extreme weather alerts and fire warnings across the country, so if you’re in a fire-prone area, make sure you’ve got your Bushfire Action Plan in place and you’re ready to use it if needed.

You can keep up to date with all of the weather warnings across the country on the Bureau of Meteorology website here. But my personal advice would be to crank the AC to freezing, close all of the windows and park yourself in front of the TV all day with some sort of cold beveragino in hand.