Australia Is In A Mall Santa Shortage, So Get Your Milk & Cookie Ass To The Ho Ho Throne

mall santa national shortage

Ho ho hotties! There’s a ho ho hot girl emergency across the nation! According to the lovely elves that work with the mall Santas of the country, we’re currently experiencing a mass shortage of jolly impersonators.

Now, you may be thinking, ‘I don’t know any white-haired old men with a big ‘n’ beautiful belly to fit the role’, but according to Jessica Vatoff, Santa Manager for mall Santa company Scene to Believe, all you need is a beaming personality.

On Wednesday morning, Vatoff did a tour of radio breakfast shows and other media like the ABC to let the country know that there’s currently a national shortage of St. Nicholas doppelgängers thanks to COVID-19.

Usually the company hires around 550 mall Santas across all of Australia, but this year it’s missing around 100 hires, and would like men of any age across the country to put their hands up and apply.

“This year has been really tough with everything that’s going on,” Vatoff told the radio this morning, according to

“All you need is a good ‘ho, ho, ho’ and a love for Christmas. We have the best suits, we have the best bellies, we have the best beards, we supply everything, so you just have to have a great attitude.”

Vatoff also touched on why they need more mall Santas this year than ever before.

“There’s also more and more shopping centres and more and more kids that want to get their photo taken and we don‘t have enough Father Christmas’ around,” she continued.

“You don’t need to have a big belly. We’ve got 6ft5 Santa’s and Santa’s who are skinny and Santa’s who are in their 20’s,” Ms Vatoff said.

So if your housemate who refuses to get a job wants to sit 1.5 metres away from a bunch of kids who believe that they came in on a reindeer, this is the role for them. Doesn’t even matter if they’re in their 20’s. Santa is a concept.

“Any shopping centre where we’ve said we’ll supply Santa, we will supply Santa. It will happen, whether it’s me sitting there in the Santa uniform or not,” Vatoff told the ABC in an interview.

“We’re paying a really good rate and lots of extra things like travel time. We make the process incredibly easy, we just need the people to come on board.”

You heard the woman! If you’re keen on doing a quick Christmas stint as a Santa double, you can hit up mall Santa company Scene to Believe right here.