Australia Raises More Than $50,000 For ‘Trolley Man’ Hero Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers - Trolley Man

The passer-by, known as the ‘Trolley Man’ for rushing at a knife-wielding terrorist with a shopping trolley, has now been identified as 46-year-old homeless man Michael Rogers. 

In videos widely spread across social media, Rogers can be seen charging at Melbourne Bourke Street attacker Hassan Khalif with the shopping trolley in an attempt to stop him from assaulting police officers and bystanders.

Khalif stabbed three passers-by, one fatally, before he was shot in the chest by a police officer, said to be just three months out of the academy. The attacker later died in hospital.

His victim, 74-year-old Sisto Malaspina – the beloved co-owner of the Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar – died at the scene.

After attempting to stop the attacker once, Rogers can be seen charging at the man a second time with the shopping trolley.

WARNING: Disturbing images.

Second to the police officers’ courageous work, Rogers’ insane act of bravery deeply touched Australians around the country. So much so that on Twitter alone, thousands have rallied behind Trolley Man with many retweeting an edited image of the iconic Batman signal.

In an interview with Channel 7, Rogers recounted his experience.

“I have seen the trolley to the side, so I’ve picked it up and I ran and threw the trolley straight at him.

“[I] got him but didn’t get him down, and I did that motion about – quite a number of times but it just wasn’t getting him down.”

After the interview, Channel 7 reported police officers came over to shake his hand confirming that he is our Trolley Man.

Since then, a GoFundMe page has been set up for Rogers with all funds going directly to him.

Simply titled, Thank You Trolleyman, the fundraiser was started by the Melbourne Homeless Collectivea registered charity that supports people experiencing homelessness.

“He’s a hero in our eyes and he can do what he feels best with any funds he receives.  He risked his own life that day for nothing in return and you can’t put a price on that,” the campaign reads.

At the time of publication, more than a whopping $52,000 had been raised since its creation on November 10. 

Though the fundraiser has surpassed its original goal, the Collective says there is no set target.

“Let’s aim for the sky. Our hero absolutely deserves it.”