Michael Rogers, affectionately dubbed ‘Trolley Man’ by Australia after he charged at the Melbourne Bourke Street attacker with a shopping trolley, is wanted by police.

Seven News reports Rogers is wanted for a string of recent alleged burglaries in Melbourne’s CBD and St Kilda areas.

The burglaries allegedly happened before the Bourke Street attack.

Rogers, 47, revealed his past to Seven News when they initially interviewed him but he appeared to be unaware of the outstanding warrants against him.

Thank You Trolleyman, a fundraiser hosted on GoFundMe, has raised more than $140,000 with donations still being received at the time of publication.

The fundraiser was created by the National Homeless Collective – a registered charity that supports people experiencing homelessness.

Earlier this week, the Collective met with Rogers and shared that they had bought him a new phone after his old one was smashed during the incident.

“He’s just the loveliest person. So humble and doesn’t believe the Hero status we know he truly deserves,” the post reads.

All funds raised will go directly to Rogers.

The campaign will end on Sunday 18, November. 

In videos widely shared across social media, Rogers can be seen launching a shopping trolley at knife-wielding Hassan Khalif Shire Ali numerous times.

The attacker stabbed three men, one fatally – 74-year-old Sisto Malaspina, the beloved co-owner of Pellegrini’s. 

Malaspina will be remembered in a state funeral.

Source: 7 News
Image: AAP