GoFundMe Campaign For Bourke St ‘Trolley Man’ Michael Rogers Passes $100K

A GoFundMe campaign established in recognition of Michael Rogers, the gutsy Melbourne man who steered a shopping trolley into the Bourke Street attacker, has surpassed $100,000 in donations.

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Footage captured during the Friday afternoon attack shows Rogers, 46, take hold of a shopping trolley and twice charge it towards knife-wielding terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali.

The attacker, who had fatally stabbed beloved Pellegrini’s proprietor Sisto Malaspina moments earlier, was knocked back by the trolley. Still, he continued to lunge at police officers, who eventually shot him. Shire Ali died in hospital.

It was later revealed that Rogers, who was dubbed ‘Trolley Man” for his valiant efforts, is currently homeless. The GoFundMe appeared shortly afterwards, with organisers Melbourne Homeless Collective saying “his efforts deserve a reward that can really help him out.”

At time of writing, the public seems to have bloody well responded to that call.

Nearly 4,000 people have contributed to the fund, which Melbourne Homeless Collective had originally intended to deliver today. Considering the immense support, the fund remains open, even as it sails well past its original $5,000 goal.

Speaking to reporters after the incident, Rogers said “The opportunity was, the trolley was there and I took it.”

“For those few crucial moments where there was no back-up, I don’t think it was stupid, what I did,” he continued.

Judging by the immense community support, it doesn’t seem anyone is out here labelling Rogers anything but heroic.