Aussie Buys Christian Lobby Domain, Turns It Into A Pro-Gay Marriage Site

HAHAHAHAHA okay so you know how Taylor Swift last year bought up every domain name with a variation of her name in it that ended with .adult and .porn, and it made headlines? It’s actually fairly standard business practise to buy up various domains similar to the one you’ll be using, particularly when registering trademarks and the like.

Turns out that this practise – along with progressive views about equality – just sailed right on by the Australian Christian Lobby, the group most vocally against the marriage equality debate in Australia, who frequently equate same-sex marriage with the downfall of society.
Which brings us to our point.
When you go to, you do NOT lead to a page spouting homophobic garbage, but instead arrive at this:
Followed by this message: 

“Hi there!

“You’ve probably ended up on this page because you were interested in finding out about the Australian Christian Lobby or its Managing Director, Lyle Shelton.

“Sorry to disappoint, but this page is not affiliated with either of them. It’s here to serve as a counterbalance to the negativity and intolerance that they offer.”

It then directs you to ACTUALLY DONATE MONEY TO REALLY GOOD, PRO-LGBTQI SITES who are working against the bullshit coming from the ACL, like the gay & lesbian counselling service twenty10, and the LGBTQI-focused health organisation ACON

Andrew Rodgers, the 37-year-old Sydney man responsible for this excellent website, told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he launched it to counter some of the “vitriolic shit” so regularly spouted by the ACL.

So, feeling a little mischievous earlier this week, he decided to check out which domains were left unregistered, and hit the fucking jackpot. We’re screaming.

(The ACL’s *actual* domain name is Don’t go there.)

He told P.TV that he’s not within the LGBTQI spectrum, nor is he religious, nor is he associated with any of the organisations he’s suggesting people donate money to.

He just has this crazy stupid idea that love is love and that a vote against marriage equality is a vote against the very teachings of this religion the ACL appear to be fighting for.