In a classic case of yoink, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) was served a valuable lesson in IT management and corporate affairs this past Sunday after the domain name was registered by an unrelated organisation also going by the ‘ACL’ acronym.

The website was launched on Sunday, 28 April, by a group called Australian Cat Ladies, following what we can only presume was an oversight by the tech department of the other ACL, when someone either failed to register the URL to begin with, or inadvertently allowed the domain name account to expire.

The ‘Australian Cat Ladies’ website lists “hard work, marriage equality, and lots of tummy rubs” as its central values, which is bound to come as a major blow for the Australian Christian Lobby, whose opposition to Marriage Equality is a top-line agenda item – evident based on the opening messages by the Lobby’s Chairman and Managing Director in the Annual Report for 2012. From a business perspective, the misappropriation of such a high SEO domain name could definitely impinge on any indirect search traffic for the ACL (the Christians that is, not the Cats).

The lesson here is simple: The Internet is ruled by cats and the cats will GET UP IN YOUR SHIT if any domain name affiliated with your organisation is left unaccounted for.

Cat Ladies Swoop In On Australian Christian Lobby Domain Name

For more visit the Australian Cat Ladies website.

Cat Ladies Swoop In On Australian Christian Lobby Domain Name