Kiwis Living In Australia Could Possibly Score Voting Rights So Please Make Good Choices Team

Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has confirmed Kiwis living in Australia could potentially score voting rights. Fkn nice.

ICYMI, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern’s been over in Aus for a set of bilateral talks. Alas it appears that this time, no vinyl records were exchanged.

But one of the things to come out of the talks was discussion of potential voting rights.

At a press conference on Friday, Albanese announced that his Government would consider granting some New Zealanders in Australia the right to vote.

“We’ll be asking the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters to consider whether there’s a way to return to systems that have existed in the past of giving New Zealand people who are here in Australia, contributing to society, paying taxes, working, voting rights here in Australia as well,” he said per the ABC

I mean, it only seems fair considering Aussies who live in New Zealand for more than a year have voting rights. Let’s get with the program.

And if you’re a temporary citizen, it could soon be easier to score citizenship. That applies to both Kiwis in Australia and Aussies in New Zealand according to 9News.

“We know that there have been a range of issues raised relating to citizenship and we think those pathways and working through these issues so that people get more rights that are more consistent,” Albanese said.

Bye guys, I’m off to remote work from the Lord of the Rings set. See ya never!

The final potential change will be the deportation of New Zealand citizens with criminal convictions from Australia. It’s been a super contentious issue between the two countries.

According to Albanese, Australia will “deport people where appropriate” but use “common sense”.

“Where you have a circumstance where someone has lived their entire life effectively in Australia with no connection whatsoever to New Zealand, common sense should apply and we will act as friends,” he said.

For her part, Jacinda Ardern described New Zealanders as Australia’s “best migrants”. She also said New Zealand wanted a “greater acknowledgement of the role New Zealanders play here in Australia”.

Very true, they did give us the concept of jandals and also Lorde. It’s hard to argue with those contributions.