Andrew Bolt Bravely Defends Dead White Royal By Attacking Alive Black Woman For No Reason

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The mastermind behind some of the worst takes seen in Australian journalism, Andrew Bolt, has doubled down on his unique brand of unwanted criticism with a critique of Meghan Markle and how she doesn’t compare to the so-called brilliance of Prince Philip.

One day, I promise, there will be no more yarns about Andrew Bolt takes, but unfortunately today is not that day. In a new article for the Herald Sun titled ‘Why Meghan Markle is wise to skip Prince Philip’s funeral,’ Bolt has, yet again, solidified himself as a bonafide shit-stirrer.

Before I dive in, please read the following lines from Bolt’s yarn:

“No wonder Meghan Markle is skipping the funeral of Prince Philip. She says her pregnancy stops her from flying, but so should shame.

“She’s wise not to embarrass herself beside Prince Philip’s grave.”

Truly remarkable stuff.

In case you missed it, it was reported that Markle could not join Harry on the flight to the UK for the funeral, due to being heavily pregnant, and having her physicians advise against it.

Naturally, members of the anti-Markle squad saw this as a slight against the royal family, including Bolt, who went and compared every aspect of Markle’s life to Philip’s in order to claim that it would be embarrassing for her to even be in the presence of his corpse.

It’s absolutely wild areas, and the claim here is a reach and a half. Such a reach, in fact, that Mrs Incredible is jealous as hell.

Get it? Reach?

Bolt writes that Philip “never cried on camera” like Markle has.

He writes that while Markle comes from a “broken home”, Philip “barely had a home.”

He writes that while Markle was struggling to become an actor, Philip was risking his life in the war.

He spectacularly writes that while Markle faced racism (which Bolt still denies), Philip was called ‘Phil the Greek’, which he reckons is far worse. Personally, I have no idea how Philip survived such awful bullying.

The point is, it’s absolutely not a competition, and if it was, we could talk for days about how Philip has made multiple offensive remarks against almost every single culture on the planet.

If you don’t believe me, The Washington Post summed it up so you can have a read through them all.

Whether you love Markle or not, the woman is heavily pregnant, has lived her life in the best way she possibly could have, and does not deserve to ever be lambasted for just existing. Nobody deserves that.

To claim that Philip “put his head down and worked” while Markle complained and left is completely baffling. Philip was serving an institution that for centuries has benefitted people that look just like him. It’s an institution that has negatively impacted multiple cultures across the world through colonisation, slavery and continued apathy.

Of course Philip put his head down and worked. He was a white man in the highest position offered to white men. If Diana of all people had problems with the royal family, you can only imagine how difficult it would be for Markle, a woman of colour, to just fit right in and pretend nothing is wrong.

Senator Lidia Thorpe said it best with this tweet:

And Senator Mehreen Faruqi hit the nail on the head with this one.

The death of Prince Philip marks a significant change in the long-lasting empire that has sought to suppress worldwide cultures for years. However, in another yarn from yesterday, Bolt was quite offended to find out that Philip is called a coloniser.

“Philip colonised no one, and is accused only because he is a white man in the royal family of a country which once did,” Bolt wrote.

“No whites today are ‘our colonisers’, an accusation that trades on the racist notion of race guilt.”

Did Philip personally colonise? Nope, the timeline doesn’t add up in that regard.

Did Philip benefit inextricably from a structural hierarchy that is historically responsible for genocide and slavery of non-white cultures? Absolutely the fuck he did.

Bolt believes, that because two Greens senators, who are also women of colour, do not want to pay respects to a “known racist”, that they are somehow “ignorant, racist, dishonest, vicious and pitiless” themselves.

Uno reverse, Bolt. Your descriptors of these powerful women are oft better suited for yourself.