All Hail Xavier The Uber Driver, Here To Save You When You’re Off Chops

It’s a tale as old as time. You have drunk one too many alcohols, you’ve pinged one too many pingers. All of a sudden it’s 8am, you stumble outside, daylight nearly rips your corneas to shreds. You know you have to get home. You could catch public transport, but you’re ever-so-slightly slightly worried about people on the tram seeing the size of your pupils, plus you are scat as ferrrrrrk
Uber it is. 
A wonderfully-fucked up legend from Melbourne experienced this exact situation after an upper-fuelled night at iconic/disgusting place of dancing/doom, Revolver. Except he dun goofed, and put his destination as the pick up address. 
Luckily, said legend had the most wonderful human in the entire universe for their Uber driver, Xavier:

You are gaddamn salt of the earth Xavier. You are hero we need; not the one we deserve. You are Batman, Xavier. Actual fucking Batman. 

via Reddit