We Asked People To Share Their Most Iconic Uber Pool Stories & Some Of Y’all Need To Find God
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The Big Bad Thing that happened in 2020 (no, I won’t say it) took a lot away from us. I don’t have to go into detail here – you know What It Did. But what I can do, safely, without risk of trigger or PTSD flashback, is to broadly state that it separated us from basically everything and everyone.

I used to love taking Uber Pool trips, back in the Before Times; before even that was taken from us. But no longer! Uber Pool is back, and to celebrate this return of one of the best ways to start a night out, we set out to gather some fun little stories from people’s collective Good Times spent on Uber trips. 

Take it away Bob!


Ahem… I have just been informed that Bob – the regular guy who presses the ‘enter’ key for me – has just been fired, so I guess I’ll be taking it away until we find his replacement.

Anyway, here are the fun Uber ride stories!


My friend was waiting for an Uber Pool outside a party. She noticed a guy standing nearby and thought he was really cute. As her Uber arrived she noticed that he was coincidentally waiting for the same Uber Pool. They got talking in the car and ended up swapping details. They ended up dating – and are still together now. I think it’s been four years? Maybe five?


After a bit of small talk with an Uber driver a few years ago, he drops a bombshell – he owns the oldest cheeseburger in Australia. Obviously, I had to know more, plus I was pretty sceptical, but then we actually googled it and it was him! He and his friend had bought a cheeseburger from Maccas when they were both 14 – about 25 years ago – and they just kept it. Apparently, it’s hard as a rock now but it still looks like a burger.


Got an Uber Pool with my ex-girlfriend in New York from Central Park to Brooklyn while we were absolutely wasted. It took like 90 minutes and we had a couple of different people get in. It was like we were hosting a chat show and the Vietnamese driver wouldn’t stop playing Willie Nelson.


I ended up at a rave with my driver. Back when Uber Pool was a thing, my girlfriend and I talked to the other passengers and they got out at an old church that was converted into a rave, and we went along with them.


After a massive night out, I got in an Uber Pool with a complete stranger who had a bag of large Maccas fries. I guess he saw me staring at the bag and offered to share. I never saw that man again, but his generosity will hold a special place in my heart forever.


I once took an Uber trip while drunk, with my grandparents, which on its own would’ve been a fun story, but once we got in we saw that the Uber driver had a full disco set up in the car complete with disco lights. My nan and pa had the time of their lives.


Got into an Uber and it was the most boujee experience ever. The driver had ambient music playing, a humidifier with essential oils, a bottle of iced water ready for me, and some snacks off to the side for free. I didn’t even pay for Uber Comfort!


I took my Uber driver into a house party with me once, he was a pretty young guy and I was going to be his last trip anyway. So in I come, late and with a random. Everyone kept thinking I was doing a bit when I’d introduce the guy as my Uber driver. 

The party got rowdier than expected, and the guy left after a while, but he did stay for a bit and have some pizza and a couple chats with some of my friends. We never saw him again but we still love telling that story every chance we get.


So a few years ago we were coming home from a night out, there were three of us at the back – it had been a big night, and we decided that no, we couldn’t wait to Uber Eats when we got home, we had to go drive-through Maccas.

My mate, let’s call him Jared, he really wanted nuggets right, so the legend Uber driver actually does it, and we do this massive order and we ask him if he wants anything and he refuses but we get him chips anyway. We’re all having a merry old time, we’re almost home, and realise they forgot the nuggets.

“We gotta go back.” Jared is adamant, the Uber driver is down, so off we go. Same Maccas, same drive-through, this time we also get ice cream, and we get a sundae for the driver too. And of course, the nuggets.

By this point, we’re basically best mates and once home we invite the guy in to have some beers, but after a bit of internal debating, he said he needed to get going. We did get his Instagram though. Now four years later I still randomly see him pop up with pics of his kids at parks and stuff. Seems like a sick guy.

Image: Bob's Burgers