Alex Williamson’s Instagram With Almost 500k Followers Has Been Nuked & He Doesn’t Know Why

Alex Williamson

Alex Williamson‘s Instagram account @shooterwilliamson has suddenly been taken down and it’s not clear why.

A day before his account was removed, Williamson had over 496,000 followers on the platform. He’s since made a new account, which at the time of writing only has around 20 followers. We’ve chosen not to link to it here.

Williamson’s first post on his new account was a selfie with no description. His second post was a screenshot of an email exchange he had with a Daily Telegraph journalist in which he said he had “no damn idea” why Instagram decided to nuke his original account.

“I’ve had a few community strikes for copyright infringements and a couple of stories have been mistakenly reported as ‘bullying’, where I’ve referred to a friend as a ‘good cunt’ and it’s been taken down and flagged as abuse haha,” Williamson wrote.

“I have at times on social media referred to myself as a ‘machine’, which may have also been taken literally by whatever tool Instagram uses to disable bot accounts.”

Alex Williamson Instagram
A screenshot of Alex Williamson’s new account.

Conveniently, he made no mention of the vile Instagram stories he posted in response to abuse allegations as a potential reason for his account disappearing.

In those allegations Williamson’s ex partner, Aussie muso Peach PRC, claimed that the comedian was “abusive, manipulative, and predatory”. Williamson denied all of these allegations.

Following this, he was dropped by his management team and had his shows in Sydney and Perth cancelled. Of course, Williamson already had a track record of abusing guest at his shows and staring brawls.

Despite this huge setback on Instagram, Williamson’s TikTok, YouTube and Facebook accounts – where he refers to himself as the Loose Aussie – all remain live for now.