Comedian Alex Williamson Goes On Vile Rant In Response To Abuse Allegations From Ex-Partner

Australian comedian Alex Williamson, aka Shooter Williamson, has this morning teed off on social media in response to accusations of emotional abuse and manipulation by an ex-partner.

Late yesterday evening, singer and social media personality Peach PRC, Williamson’s ex-partner, levelled the accusations in a lengthy social media post, alleging that Williamson was “abusive, manipulative, and predatory,” and had done “absolutely vile things to not only myself but others who I won’t mention.”

“I didn’t speak up loud enough last time and still carry so much guilt that it lead to someone else being hurt. And I won’t watch it happen again,” Peach’s statement continued. “I am not scared of you Alex. Your empty threats are pathetic and I won’t be silenced anymore.”

In response, Williamson took to his Instagram page, which sports over half a million followers, and railed against the accusations in a lengthy and vile rant.

A warning, the following transcript of the rant may be disturbing to some readers.

In a multi-post diatribe on Instagram Stories, Williamson first stated: “Peach, do you know what’s ‘predatory behaviour’? When we were having a fuckin’ threesome with your fuckin’ weird mate from the fuckin’ bar and I was having a fuckin’ diarrhea shit on the toilet and you were trying to kick the fuckin’ door in to fuckin’ sit on my dick. That, when I was saying ‘no please don’t come in,’ that…”

Williamson then identified another person, presumably another ex-partner, and stated: “Girls, you wanted me, girls. I’m a fuckin’, I’m a loveable character. I don’t blame you for throwin’ yourselves [at me],” and “Fuckin’ hell, fuck off you bitches.”

Throughout the rant, Williamson made repeated reference to his TikTok following, claiming that Peach’s accusations were, at least in some part, motivated by an apparent jealousy towards the size of his audience on the platform.

Williamson closed out his lengthy rant by stating: “I’ve addressed this now, I don’t need to address it any further… You take one look at fuckin’ old Peachy you know what’s going on.”

In a subsequent Instagram Story, Peach responded, addressing Willimason’s words including the claim “that’s not how I remember it.”

In response to that, Williamson again took to Instagram Stories to deny all wrongdoing, asserting: “I don’t know what the abuse is. I don’t know what the predatory behaviour is they’re talking about. Again, they both threw themselves at me. I’m confused as to where the predatory thing is coming from. What even is the accusation?… If it’s the predatory thing, it’s false. Also, I was 29 at the time. What’s the problem with trying to find a 19-year-old?”

Both Peach’s and Williamson’s statements contained additional content that is, at this point in time, unpublishable.

In recent months, Alex Williamson has made headlines repeatedly. First for cutting a show in Adelaide short after inciting a brawl with members of his audience, and later for subsequently claiming he was seeking treatment and support for mental health issues.

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