Alex Dyson Ran A Live ‘ZOOMba’ Class And It Was Exactly As Loose As It Sounds

As we’re all finding out together right now, staying fit while in isolation is a hell of a challenge, and keeping motivated is even more of one. Luckily for all of you currently dangling in the breeze wondering how the hell to get it sorted, salvation is at hand thanks to the one and only Rat Dog himself, Alex Dyson.

Ye Olde Sesh Gremlin is using some of his time laid up to get everyone up and about thanks to a deeply chaotic “ZOOMba” session, which involves a whole mass of heads dialling into a video meeting and getting jiggly with it while Dyso drops some absolute filth on the 1s and 2s.

Dyson ran his first ZOOMba session this morning, with the 100-person limit on Zoom quickly filling up, and scores of others subsequently tuning in via Instagram Live.

It looks ridiculous, sweaty, loud, probably not rooted in a hell of a lot of sound fitness theory, but a bloody blast nonetheless.

If you happen to be keen to give it a crack, Dyson’s running another one at 10am Saturday AET. And if the above didn’t quite give you a clear picture of what to expect, here’s another tasty little morsel for ya hungry gob.

I mean, there’s definitely worse ways to spend a Saturday morning than flailing around the room to Gasolina or throwing your hips out of place trying to recreate the heroic Call On Me floor thrusting.

Go on. Give the Rat Dog a little love.