Morrison & Albanese Said ‘Mate’ More This Month Than ‘Women’s Safety’ & ‘Housing Affordability’

morrison albanese election language analysed

By this point in the election campaign cycle, the voices of Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese are sounding more like an incessant droning than actually formed sentences. Thankfully someone has been paying much closer attention to everything the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have gabbed on about in the last month and crunched the numbers on who’s said what. Heads up, “mate” has been uttered a lot.

Author and columnist Dr Kirstin Ferguson kept tabs on the two party leaders from April 11 to May 11. She analysed everything the two men have said and done on the campaign trail — from how many times they’ve addressed the public to the top five words they’ve said the most — to get an idea of what Morrison and Albanese are actually talking about.

Without putting too fine a point on it, it’s pretty bloody interesting.

In her research, she found that Morrison had spoken a whopping 190,000 words, while Albanese had said just under 100,000 — which is impressive considering he had a week off in COVID isolation there.

Albanese had also spoken at around 88% of the number of public events as Morrison, who clocked in 70 total events across the month.

But what’s really interesting is the things each leader spoke about over the last month.

Albanese said Morrison’s name a total of 302 times (which is about 0.39% of his total words spoken) while Morrison said his opponent’s name 289 times.

When it comes to medicare — something that has been vital for Australians over the pandemic — the numbers really don’t lie. Albanese has used the healthcare term 95 times, while Morrison only said it 69 times.

They’ve both talked about the economy a lot (but one way more than the other). According to Dr Ferguson’s numbers, Albanese said it 108 times, while Morrison uttered the word a fkn huge 681 times. Almost unsurprisingly, Morrison also said “defence” nearly 20 times more than Albanese (235 times to his 24 times).

Despite sexual harassment, gendered violence and women’s safety being such a massive talking point over the last few years — especially in politics and Federal Parliament — Dr Ferguson’s research showed neither of them have said the words “consent” or “violence against women” in the last month.

Albanese has said “women’s safety” and “gender equality” once each, while Morrison has clearly kept tight-lipped on the topic. Wonder why.

But don’t worry, they’ve both had enough of their fair share of calling people “mate”.

One more week.