Hell Yes: The ABC ‘Accidentally’ Cut To Footage Of A Satanic Cult During A Story About The Govt


Either the ABC are trying to tell us something, or they made the weirdest freudian slip on air. The footage shared by Media Watch shows what looks like Queensland politicians leaving the Brisbane Supreme Court, before it abruptly cuts to a video of a satanic cult.

The ABC News presenter was reporting on a story about the push for new laws to target people who seriously injure or kill a police dog or horse. This comes after a Toowoomba police dog was fatally stabbed multiple times last year.

“It’s in part due to the stabbing of a police dog and arrest in Brisbane last year,” the ABC news presenter says.

However, a few seconds later footage of the Noosa Temple of Satan livestream appears, and a person can be heard saying: “Hail Satan”.

Have a peep of the bizarre video below:

The footage has attracted a lot of funny commentary on Twitter, with some suggesting it was an accidental cross to the “LNP party room.”

I hope to god…I mean satan that this is the dirty work of an ABC intern gone rogue. However, it seems like it might have been a simple mix up. As one Twitter user points out, the footage of the three men leaving the Supreme Court is actually members of the Noosa Temple of Satan and not Queensland politicians.

Media Watch also confirmed that the footage was from a previous story about those same devil worshippers fighting the Queensland Education Department to have satanism taught in schools.

So I guess you can call it one big, horny error.