Oh lord. Remember how last week, someone with access to the McDonald’s Twitter account flipped the fuck out and @-ed President Donald Trump?

A Mag Thought This Fake Telegram Telling Nixon To “Retire Bitch” Was Real

What a time, hey? And what a sentence. Truly indicative of the world we now find ourselves in.

In response to that absolute wild time on Twitter dot com, user Matt English – a bloke from Toronto with about 2.6k followers – whipped up a glorious gag in the ol’ Photoshop.

Good gag. Quality gag. But that’s not what the folks over at Fortune Magazine saw. They accidentally referred to this gag as a very real, legit thing that happened.

It said: “The incident was an eerie echo of an episode in 1973, when a McDonald’s employee sent a abusive telegram (“RETIRE B***H”) to Richard Nixon under the name of then-CEO Ray Kroc, an avid Nixon supporter.”

Like, Fortune didn’t just mention the tweet. It actively researched the implications behind it, and although added to the story (I, for one, didn’t know the CEO of Maccas in the 70s was a big Nixon supporter), it failed to see the very obvious joke. One small step for journalism, one giant leap backwards also for journalism, etc.

The story now contains the mother of all corrections.

A Mag Thought This Fake Telegram Telling Nixon To “Retire Bitch” Was Real

A few people are taking the absolute wrong stance on this fuck-up:

But at the end of the day, there’s a big, big difference between the proliferation of fake news across social media, and normal people who make jokes online that are a) funny and b) very obviously jokes.

Of the whole incident, Matt said to BuzzFeed News: “Never stop making jokes, that’s my take.” Good take.

Photo: Matt English / Twitter.