A Gay Man Was Asked To Leave A School Event For ‘Dressing Inappropriately’

Hooooly dooly. 
A post about homophobia that’s circulating Facebook is seemingly going viral, currently racking up just under 10k likes, and just under 2500 shares. 
The post comes from Angus McCormack, who attempted to attend a commemorative event at the high school from which he graduated, Girton Grammar School.
In the post, he explains that his father was on the board at the school (but has resigned after this incident), and that the Board had told him to make sure that Angus would wear something appropriate. Albeit stifling, Angus said he was content to oblige their wishes:
“I am openly gay and very confident in my often “bold” choices of fashion. (I was originally considering rocking a dress and some killer heels!) 

However, I decided to “tone down” my appearance and be respectful to their wishes.”
But that apparently wasn’t good enough. Angus wore ‘minimal makeup, a single small earring, neat black leather pants, a white shirt with a black bow tie and black designer jacket’, but was still ‘commanded’ to leave the event after being told he looked “inappropriate”. 
Despite the fact that Angus’ father had duties to perform at the service, he left with his son.

“He was so disgraced by my refusal of entry that he departed with me to support me in my rejection.”
Here is the full post:
This shit is so not on – it is 2016, people. No one should have to stifle their personality and expression to make others comfortable. 
If you feel uncomfortable because a gay man wearing an outfit that you don’t think is ‘appropriate’, you are being a delicate flower that needs to catch up with the year you so unfortunately happen to be around for. 
Societal conventions evolve, and a stranger’s outfit has *literally* no affect on your life whatsoever.

There’s nothing wrong with the person, or their outfit but your indignant disapproval sure as hell says a lot about you. 
Your outfit is dope, Angus. Give ’em hell. 
Source & Photos: Facebook / Angus McCormack.