7:30 Report FInds The Most Munted Bros In Kings Cross, Interviews Them About Lock Out Laws

Last weekend, on the eve of the official enactment of the controversial lock out laws orchestrated by NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell which now sees a 1:30am lock out curfew, 3am last drinks call and a blanket 10pm closing time for bottle shops enforced as law, Walkley winning 7:30 Report journalist Monique Shafter took to the streets of Kings Cross to discuss the effectiveness of such measures in addressing the root cause of drug/alcohol/dickhead related violence with everyone from security guards, venue owners and two of the most munted bros in Kings Cross

Speaking with the two young men denoted in the transcript of the report as Reveller I and Reveller II, Schafter begins by asking them where they are heading. 

“Oh, the Rick Ross,” Reveller I replies, failing to elaborate on whether “the Rick Ross” is code for a venue only Reveller Ii understands or a reference to the rapper that definitely wasn’t in town at the time. “Probably the casino,” Reveller II clarifies. “The casino is a nice place and I reckon it’ll be awesome to go to tonight. Friday night, a lot of people spending money, you can also make money.” 
“And your mates are still in the club here. Is that annoying that you can’t get back in?” Schafer asks. “Oh, yeah,” Reveller II replies. “It is. It’s really annoying actually ’cause we just want to tell ’em to come back out, but they’re like, “No, we don’t want to go out because we can’t get back in. So it’s kind of mucking up our plans for the night.”

Amen my munted brothers. That is annoying. 

Via In The Mix