Tonight, ABC‘s Four Corners is airing an episode about the rise and fall of the “mercurial” Clive Palmer, and he’s losing his fucking mind.

The program focuses heavily on the now closed Queensland Nickel refinery, and investigates whether Palmer was acting as a shadow director through his email alias ‘Terry Smith‘, the account from which millions of dollars worth of purchases were approved / rejected *after* he claimed to have retired from business in 2013.

It also claims to have uncovered a number of payments and donations made by Queensland Nickel to Palmer companies and interests, including a $2.5 million transfer to Palmer’s other company Mineralogy in July 2014.

Palmer is decidedly not at all chill with the program, and in a series of tweets which culminated in a lengthy straight-to-Facebook official statement, he claimed it got a number of facts blatantly wrong and has merely been written “to cause malicious damage.”

Through a spokesperson, Palmer said:

“In relation to Queensland Nickel Pty Ltd, the facts are that Queensland Nickel has never given loans to Mr Palmer or his companies. Any reports to the contrary are false and have been written to cause malicious damage.

“Queensland Nickel employees who were first made redundant were paid two weeks wages in advance while their redundancy and entitlements were being determined.

“The administrator made the decision not to pay entitlements, not Mr Palmer or any person working for Queensland Nickel. The administrator continued to trade the company for over a month following that decision with Queensland Nickel funds.”

He’s also positively rancid that Four Corners isn’t taking him up on his offer of a live interview while the episode is being broadcast, which is perhaps because – and we’re just spitballing here – it’s not a live program.

“Such refusal merely confirms Four Corners’ lack of willingness to deal with the truth and its determination to run a biased broadcast not in accordance with its charter,” he said.

“Mr Palmer, like any Australian, should be entitled to a fair go.” Yikes. 

The thing is, though, Four Corners executive producer Sally Neighbour is *also* on Twitter, and she’s very quickly shut down any accusations of not being fair to the businessman-cum-federal politician:

Feel free to read his full Facebook post below, but tbh, you might as well just catch the full(er) story from Four Corners tonight at 8:30pm.

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Posted by Clive Palmer on Saturday, 9 April 2016

Photo: Getty / Stefan Postles.