3 Cops Dead, 7 Injured As Sniper Opens Fire At Black Lives Matter Protest

Ten officers have been shot after a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas. 3 are deceased, and 3 are in critical condition. 
The police were shot by snipers, and unclear footage has begun to emerge, but the street is currently still declared as an ‘active shooter zone’. 

While some are reporting that the police have a suspect in custody, Dallas Police Department have tweeted a photo of another suspect. 
The man in question is carrying an automatic weapon, which is completely legal due to Texas’ open carry laws. 

They also live streamed the official police statement:

CNBC says an 11th police officer has been shot while exchanging gunfire with a suspect. 

And Dallas Police Department have confirmed that a 4th officer has passed away:

Twitter has unearthed footage of the Dallas Police Department‘s sniper suspect (pictured above) on the street as shots are being fired. Their tweet still appears on the official police account.

We’ll update you as more information arises. 
Source: Dallas Police Department / CNN / CNBC.  
Photo: Dallas Morning News.