27 Aussies Told Us What Pisses Them Off About Australia & Racism Just Edges Out ScoMo

Australia 27 Pedestrians Pissed Off

Australia. Home to kangaroos, clotheslines, the oldest living culture in the world, strange political mishaps, and a fuck-tonne of racism. There are a few things about this golden country that aren’t so shiny after all, and can really piss on our parade.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, Australia is a pretty good country to live in, with two of its cities consistently seeing an appearance on the safest and most liveable cities lists respectively. We’ve got clean water, sexy beaches (that are currently trying to be bought out for profit), and pretty good weather.

Not to mention koalas. We have koalas. Love those little guys.

But when push comes to shove, there’s quite a bit to be pissed about in this country from our politicians to our drinking culture. We’re not exactly perfect down here, and it quite often shows.

We have a very large divide between city and rural living, with the big coastal populations being the main centre of attention. We have a very backwards culture when it comes to respecting and listening to disenfranchised voices. We have a lot of things that go down unnoticed and unchanged by our government.

I’ve probably got your brain tinkering away at what pisses you off about the great southern land. Some things are just so annoying about Australia and the way it works that we can’t help but complain.

We asked 27 beautiful people across a whole range of ages about what pisses them off about Australia, and boy did we get a lot of varied answers. From our accent to our offshore detention camps, there really was an entire collection of well-thought-out and differing complaints.

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Cloudy, 24, went straight for the jugular with their answer, saying “how do you decide between no action on climate change or tax cuts for the rich?”

Meanwhile, Matika, 25, called Australia TF out with her answer, saying “I love Australia so much that I’m willing to call it out on its bullshit. Australia, you’re racist.

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