Punters Reckon This Big Whoopsie Is Why Splendour In The Grass Dropped Its 2024 Lineup Early

It’s been a whirlwind of a Tuesday arvo for music fans across the nation as Splendour In The Grass — AKA the big mama of Australian music festivals — dropped its 2024 lineup a whole day early. However, it seems that punters have figured out why the festival decided to “spill the tea”.

As someone who is burning over the premature drop of Splendour In The Grass’ 2024 lineup, I was keen to understand why organisers decided to show their cards a whole day early.

Well, according to a Reddit post from /u/ProffesorDog on the r/triplej Subreddit, punters reckon they’ve found the reason why the Splendy Bosses decided to pull the trigger on its ‘yuge announcement.

In a post titled “Not sure if it’s real but apparently spotted in Sydney”, Redditor /u/ProffesorDog shared a photo of an electronic billboard — which is seemingly owned by JCDecaux Australia — that featured the 2024 lineup.

The post was made on Tuesday arvo, a day before the lineup was going to be announced. What a slip-up!

Not sure if it’s real but apparently spotted in Sydney
byu/ProffesorDog intriplej

Hours after the post circulated on social media, Splendour In The Grass shook the nation by releasing its whole lineup without any ifs, buts or whys.

Heck, they even poked fun at this exact Reddit post in a TikTok right before they made the big Ru-veal.

Look. I have to say this could either be a massive fuck up or a genius marketing idea. I mean, with the circulation of the “leaked” lineup, people got hyped up for the return of Kylie Minogue, as well as international acts Future and Omar Apollo.

Regardless, I do NOT want to be that bloke who’s in charge of those billboards tomorrow morning. ‘Cos just like the lineup, they would be dropped. Hehe, kidding. Maybe.

Splendour In The Grass has yet to confirm why it decided to drop the lineup early, and honestly, I don’t think we will ever know.

Heck, they could’ve announced it because we did predict Minogue as a headliner…

But for now, as we bask in the mystery of this impromptu announcement, I will be getting my outfit ready for the return of Minogue.

(Psssst! Splendy folk, please make room for a Lana Del Rey set)

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to JCDecaux Australia for comment.