WATCH: Troye Sivan Responds To Taylor Swift Fangirling His New EP

Troye Sivan may (figuratively) be put in an early grave: death by Taylor Swift.


Not long after the release of his mini-album WILD – which is available RN and features six tracks and the likes of ~*magical angel of delight*~ Tkay Maidza and NZ sibling duo BROODSthe Taylor Swift
starting blowing up his mentions:


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We recently visited the EMI offices to have a chat with Troye about anything and everything we could think of. First up we asked if he had seen the important piece of journalism entitled ‘Troye Sivan Is A Precious Baby Who Will Consume Your Soul.’ Yes, he had seen the article, but how does he feel about it? “I was pretty happy about that,” he said. “I feel like I see the people, you know, my followers on twitter and stuff like that, who say that kind of stuff sometimes. So, I’m like ‘this person is very in with the fans.’ I felt like it was the first article that accurately described how the fans feel.”

Next up we asked him about the guardian article from a couple of days ago, ‘Taylor Swift and Troye Sivan: what their love-in means for Australian music‘. The answer to which, and his general reaction to getting a Swifty, can be found here:

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