Troye Sivan Just Dropped His Album Release Date At Taylor Swift’s Concert 

Human sunbeam, Troye Sivan just delivered a surprise performance at Taylor Swift’s concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Los Angeles. Swift is currently smashing her way through her Reputation tour when she was joined by Sivan on stage. Swift, with the honours, presented the world with the date of Sivan’s highly anticipated album, Bloom causing a mad raucous on twitter as the Troye Sivan army awoke.

Unbeknown to around 60,000 fans at the concert, Sivan had been cheekily uploading pictures to his Instagram Story about his surprise performance, including his adorable AF outfit choice for the show.

Together the two – who I just realised both have the initials T.S – sung Sivan’s hit song My, My, My. 

Peep the shirt Sivan’s wearing:

(Okay you can see it way better in his Insta-Story but it’s Taylor Swift’s face –  a solid choice of attire.)

In Sivan’s Insta-Story and according to a bunch of very dedicated and passionate Sivan fans, Swift says:

“I want to tell you something! Troye’s album ‘BLOOM’ comes out August 31st, Los Angeles. Just so everybody remembers the date, on the count of three we’re all going to say August 31st, say it back to me.”

AUGUST 31st!

Following the performance, Sivan posted a one-worded tweet:

And this is pretty much the majority of responses:


Oh, and then a few minutes later:

So, then:

Anywhoo, Shawn Mendes also blessed fans with a surprise performance with Swift at the Rose Bowl a coupla days ago.

You can chuck that performance a suss below:

Sivan’s new single Bloom is available on Spotify, Google Play, and Deezer and you can find out more HERE.

But wait there’s more because if you can’t wait until August 31 then you can download Sivan’s app for behind the scene specials, photo shoots, early reveal of lyrics, and early access to ticket sales. You can learn more about the app and download it HERE.

Also, here’s Bloom ‘cos it’s a bloody a bop: