WATCH: The Weeknd Wrecks Shit With A Neon Crucifix In Slick ‘Starboy’ Clip

Watching The Weeknd transform from an achingly trendoid PBR’n’B artist slamming together the worlds of hip-hop and hipster-as-fuck indie culture into a pop superstar has been pretty fuckin’ good, if I’m honest. I still firmly believe that going unabashedly, massively pop – especially when you’re an artist like The Weeknd – is still one of the most radical things you can pull in the industry.

His new tune with Daft Punk, Starboy, is among his poppiest yet, and the influence from the Daft Punk lads is actually really subtle – certainly moreso than when Kanye pulled the same move. The video, released today, is Daft Punk to the core.
In it, the signer literally destroys his Beauty Behind the Madness era memorabilia with a big fuck-off neon pink crucifix. You probably can’t separate yourself from your previous oeuvre in a more aggressive way than that.
Here’s to the Starboy era.
Source: YouTube.