WATCH: The Rubens Hoon About & Smash Big M In Music Vid For Fishing

In the grand tradition of Australian music videos involving people hooning about in regional New South Wales in utes, we find the latest video by electronic duo Fishing.

They’ve enlisted the help of their mates in The Rubens, and she’s a bloody beauty. The Rubens play along to the throbbing bass in the track while fanging about in the back of a Toyota flatbed, smashing big cartons of flavoured milk and just generally being nuisances. It’s good. Peep it, debuting exclusively on PEDESTRIAN.TV:

“This is probably the best music video we’ve been in,” The Rubens told us. “Kind of sucks that it isn’t our own, but what are you gonna do?”

The lads in Fishing told us the meaning behind the visual (hint: it’s an excuse to go wild out at Menangle).
This song really felt like it needed a classic “Band plays song in a grand, picturesque location” music video, but unfortunately we’re not a band. We put out a wide call for talent but these guys said they’d bring their own utes so that really got them over the line. While it looks like everyone is having a great time there were moments when we thought Australia could have lost their triple J Hottest 100 winners for 2015. But hey – that’s just a day in the life for 5 young boys in Menangle.

Nailed it.

Photo: YouTube.