Hello, and welcome to tonight’s edition of What The Heck Are Radiohead Doing On Their Social Media Channels Right Now?
Simply put, we’ve been gifted with a bright, twinkling arrangement – both audibly and visually – that acts as a backdrop for the perpetually bewildered Thom Yorke as he scurries through a high-rise car park. As he is wont to do.

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That’s all well and good, if a little Kid A. We’re not about to begrudge any more new material after the lush, tense Burn The Witch, and some band boffins have pointed out what this teaser could, well, be teasing at. 

Guitarist / conjurer of ethereal voices Jonny Greenwood has spent his time away from the band by cranking out a fair few film scores, including for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. 
After delivering that string-heavy bundle of frayed nerves, Anderson let loose he’d directed a clip for the band proper. And this, my friends, may just be the first look at it. 
Feel free to twitch and salivate, like you’ve got myxomatosis. 

Source and photo: Radiohead / Instagram.