Radiohead x Jack White? Thom Yorke Says “You’ll Find Out”

Everyone loves a collaboration. If your name hasn’t been separated from someone else’s by an ‘X’ then what are you even doing here – go and collaborate with someone right now! At the end of Radiohead’s headlining set at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee, bearded frontman Thom Yorke hinted at an upcoming collaboration with the Johnny Depp of alt-rock music, Jack White, telling the enraptured crowd before launching into ‘Supercollider’:

This song is for Jack White. We saw him yesterday. A big thank you to him, but we can’t tell you why. You’ll find out.

If you’ve got two hours to kill, here’s the full set from Bonnaroo, during which you can speculate on the nature of the super collision that will be the Yorke/Radiohead x White collab.

In case you’ve consciously blocked out the memory as a coping mechanism for your loss of a ticket, Radiohead are set to tour the country in November, and White will be here to headline Splendour in a couple of weeks.

Via Billboard

Photo by Christopher Polk via Getty Images (Jack White has been photoshopped in. I know, right?! Pretty pleased with that one.)