Local fave Courtney Barnett has dropped her vid for ‘Elevator Operator’ on Facey, and she’s managed to pull together a mighty powerful cast with a few familiar faces. Directed by Sunny Leunig, it stars Barnett as a literal elevator operator who manages to stumble across a whole bunch of Aussie and international stars during her travels.

Didya spot ’em? Obviously there’s Magda Szubanski. Paul KellyTim Rogers and The Drones round out the Aussie starlets. Cukt punk heroes Sleater-Kinney, who absolutely make their mark on Barnett’s sound, appear as hapless tourists at the beginning. Jeff Tweedy from Wilco is a chess player.

Szubanski tweeted that she’s good at pressing buttons, which is wonderful, because she does it a number of times in the clip

Look, here’s the full list in order of appearance, ya greedy grubs. Eat it up:


Glory! Bangs

Courtney Barnett

Bones Sloane & Dave Mudie

Magda Szubanski

Tim Rogers

The Finks


The Drones

Garret and Will Huxley, Gabi Barton

Sunny Leunig

Vincent Juggernaut

Tain Stangret

Izzi Goldman and John

Nicholas & Thea Jones


Loose Tooth

Camp Cope

Jo Syme (Big Scary)

East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Paul Kelly

Michael Leunig

Meaghan Weiley, Jess Tyler, Thommy Taranto (Milk! Records)

Jen Cloher

Fraser A. Gorman

Ouch My Face

Marni Kornhauser & Radar Rad

Source: Facebook.