Watch Kanye West’s Necrophilia “Monster” Clip

As anticipated by fans of the recently released “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” as well as any musically aware individual in the western world, Kanye West has released a video teaser for stand out single, “Monster”.
The track features contributions from Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z and the teaser grants preview to all of the artists in an array of sexually deranged, haunted settings sure to send chills down the spine in the same way hearing the song for the first time did.

The teaser introduces us to the ideas of death and sex into a typically fashion forward video, set up to employ an appealing story line and in typical Kanye style, the aesthetics to endear audiences the world over. Eerie as it may be, we can’t really see much other direction for the video clip to go in other than bold and daring, which as the album proved, was a successful recipe for Kanye’s return to the music industry.

Although the plot is not fully revealed, the clip maintains a similar visual theme to the short-movie project linked with Runaway, which runs for an unexpectedly intriguing 34 minutes or so. Stay tuned for the full video of “Monster” to be released very soon. Can’t wait…

By Claud Santoro