WATCH: James Van Der Beek Is Playing Diplo In Perfectly Cooked New Show

In news that at once feels so insanely perfect yet also like it’s straight out of some bizarro alternate universe, James Van Der Beek, aka that dude that owned that creek that one time, is set to play EDM producer-lord Diplo, in a new dramatised biopic TV show/online series… thing.

The six-episode VICELAND show titled ‘What Would Diplo Do?‘ will see Van Der Beek reprise his hilarious take on Diplo from a skit he filmed for his buddy last year, and the first full trailer of the encroaching mayhem dropped today.
Joining Dawson in the legitimately, insanely good-looking new show is IRL DJ and producer Dillon Francis, legendary comic actor Bobby Lee and ‘Friday Night Light’s Dora Madsen.
Check out the madness in the trailer below, which sees “Diplo” blending violins for fresh new sounds and fighting with a motherfucking katana on a festival stage. I mean, sure.
Mates, this looks absolutely cooked, in the best possible way. ‘What Would Diplo Do?‘ drops on SBS VICELAND at 8.30 pm, Tuesday August 8.
Picture: Diplo / Facebook.