WATCH: Eternal Legends Violent Soho Mistake Robbie Williams For NRL Player

This year’s ARIA awards may have wrapped for another year, but the juicy tales and LOL-worthy goss continues to drip out, and this particular lil’ tale features none other than perennial bloody legends Violent Soho.
Chatting to Pedestrian.TV on the red carpet prior to the event, where the Mansfield mad dawgs took out an award (eventually) and performed the hell out of ‘Like Soda’, the lads told us of their near run-in with uber-Daddy and international guest Robbie Williams.
Look, I’m not sure if the boys had perhaps hit up a certain substance they’re well known fans of or not before the red carpet, but turns out that at first sighting, they deadset mistook the UK singer for Corey Parker, former captain of the Brisbane Broncos NRL team.
Righto, lads. 
Check out the disappointment IRL in the video below: