With the dawn of a new year comes a sense of uncertainty: how long will we have to wait for the first fire meme?


Not long, as it turns out, and it’s all thanks to the loosest kent in UK showbiz – one Robbie Williams.

Ahead of an exclusive New Year’s Eve concert at Westminster’s Central Hall in London, Mr Jump On Board bounded onto the stage, high-fiving delirious fans to Auld Lang Syne.

But no sooner was his encounter with the general public over, Williams reached for a tube of hand sanitiser to disinfect himself in full view of the plebs audience.

It was a beautiful moment. Please watch.

That look of disgust = priceless.

Naturally, Twitter has a lot to say about the first meme of 2017.

All together now: “Through it allllllllll, it offers him protectionnnnnnnnnnn.”

Source and photo: BBC.