Valerie’s First Official Release

Valerie, the close-knit group of Frenchmen (and one Englishman!) with a love for soft, neon-glazed synth-pop, are at last set to put out their first official release.

Having enthralled so many sets of ears with the sunglasses-at-night steez of acts like Anoraak, Russ Chimes and Maethelvin, the label/blog/movement/whatevz is taking the next step on September 1, when the first Valerie 7″ drops. Split with a tune each from the Outrunners and College it’ll surely be snapped up by collectors and sensitive neo-romantics alike.

The release comes ahead of a mini album from Anoraak and College’s LP, Secret Diary. Yeah, Valerie’s taking over. Like a non-gritty, Uffie-less version of Ed Banger.