Usher – full name: Usher Raymond IV; yes, that makes him the fourth Usher Raymond in his family, the fifth is his son – allegedly gave a celebrity stylist genital herpes in about 2009, and fronted up $1.38 million to pay the woman out, according to court documents. 

$1.38 million seems like a small sum to pay for giving someone an incurable STI that she, and Usher himself, has “gotta let burn” (sorry) for the rest of their lives. Especially not when Usher has an estimated net worth of $225 mil, and has known since 2009 or 2010 about the affliction. 

The man who is clearly not ‘Hard II Love‘ was “very apologetic and promised to figure things out” when the woman realised she had contracted the STI from him.

She received a cheque from the R&B singer in 2012 for over $3000 to pay for medical expenses, which is almost certainly not what it costs to live with genital herpes but okay. 

The spenno lawsuit alleged Usher “consciously and purposefully” did not tell the woman that he had the disease, continuing to do the dirty unprotected with her. That there? That’s some poor sexual etiquette. 

About one in eight people in Australia have genital herpes, and it’s actually very manageable: you just take some meds that will prevent or shorten outbreaks. 

There’s a definite lesson we can all learn here: plz use condoms and get yourself tested for STIs regularly. It’s just being a decent sexual citizen – and as a bonus, if you get rich you wont have to make any ‘Confessions‘ or pay anyone a cool million.


Photo: Usher.