Usher Hasn’t Yet Mastered Snapchat, Has Definitely Flashed His Doodle

Earlier today, Usher encouraged his fans on Twitter to follow him on Snapchat. Complete with winky faces, and the implied promise of a sexy, sexy time.

And fans we’re not disappointed by the sexy, sexy implications.
First up, he did a tour of his home because he wanted to show fans his many sprawling rooms. He started off with the kitchen and living room, fully-clothed (obviously), but he finished the tour in his personal steam room. Not so clothed. Less than clothed. Unclothed, in fact. 
Now, old mate did do the respectful thing and cover up his naughty bits with emojis and text and so on, but a few issues remain:
  • We learned from the DJ Tigerlily incident that certain nerds that want to see you naked can actually remove those emojis and then shame you online. (But we all know that probably won’t happen here, due to Usher being a dude and all, y’know.)
  • He didn’t do a very bloody good job of covering his todger up anyway. That emoji is placed close to dick-tip, but not close enough: you can still see it. And a pretty decent portion of Usher shaft. Ush-aft. 
See what we mean?