You might have heard of a little indie release called ‘4:44‘, by an up-and-coming hip-hop unknown Jay Z

Oh, you have? 

Twitter Reckons Jay Z’s ‘4:44′ Confirms All Yr Lemonade-Sippin’ Suspicions

Yeah, it’s only the most-anticipated record of 2017 – and more intriguingly, it appears (according to the Beyhive) to address the accusations of infidelity Beyoncé brought to light in her album ‘Lemonade‘ last year. 

People are all the hell over this marital conflict writ large (including at The Guardian), dissecting lyrics, comparing content side by side, and spilling a whole lot of tea all over the damn place

This is the kind of big-ticket emotional modelling I’m here for. Truly, we’re blessed.

Image: Kevin Mazur / Getty.