Twitter Is Convinced Avril Lavigne Was Killed & Replaced By A Clone In 2003

Social media is an amazing way to solve problems. You can put questions out to thousands and thousands of people, all with unique experience and skills and expertise, and receive interesting thoughtful answers all within a matter of hours.

This is a very powerful tool that must be harnessed for the greater good of humanity, and so it is, right now, as Twitter scrambles to figure out if Avril Lavigne was killed and replaced by an imposter in 2003.
Like any normal person, you probably think about Avril Lavigne at least once a day in the year 2017 – but had you considered that a lookalike named Melissa Vandella has been living Avril’s life for 14 years? I bet you hadn’t.
Luckily, other minds than yours are attempting to pick apart this earth-shaking conspiracy:

Is it somehow possible that someone could just up and “change” their “style” some time over the course of “years”? Not bloody likely.
Not convinced? Look at this irrefutable evidence, which is definitely not just someone changing how they do their eye makeup:

Clearly, there’s only one solution:

Frankly, I’m convinced.
Photo: Always Sunny In Philadelphia.