As I’m sure you are aware, the internet was rocked earlier this week as people were finally made aware that Avril Lavigne was killed off in 2003 and replaced by a lookalike named Melissa Vandella because… well, actually, I’m not sure why. But people are running with it.
This theory might seem certifiably insane and the sort of batshit thing that could only be concocted by someone with only the most fleeting grasp on reality, but how could you doubt it when there’s solid evidence like this?

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: pants.
Surely aware that the jig is up, “Avril” (*cough* Melissa *cough*) is trying her best to act like everything is absolutely normal and that no one at all murdered a Canadian popstar 14 years ago and assumed her identity:

A photo of a partially obscured face in a darkly lit room? I don’t bloody think so. I don’t buy it, and neither do the fans:

The greatest trick the clone of Avril Lavigne ever pulled was convincing the world she doesn’t exist… until now.
Photo: Twitter / @Cafedodie.