Triple J Just Dropped The Julia Gillard Misogyny Speech In Full So Requestival’s Going To Plan

It is day three of Triple J’s massive Requestival program, and things are going extremely normally. Day one started red hot, and only escalated from there. Day two was a borderline fever dream. And if you think things couldn’t possibly get any more cooked on day three, your ass is as wrong as the days are short right now.

Refusing to let the station yield for even a second, the morning’s slate of audience-requested tunes began, in earnest, with classic big band…

…movie tie-ins…

…far-too-often forgotten pop heaters…

…and anyway here’s Wonderwall.

That’s the “normal” section of proceedings. That constitutes some fairly level-headed requests. Those requests? Absolute par for the course compared to the other areas things delved into.

The great thing about Requestival is that it allows folks to request anything. And Triple J really does mean anything.

Like Bob the Bloody Builder.

And the Nintendo Wii Mii Theme.

And yes, the actual, no fooling, no word of a lie Misogyny Speech famously delivered by then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Parliament in response to some typically bullshit mud slinging from then-opposition leader Tony Abbott.

That’s the actual speech. No backing tracks or remixes. No auto tunes or acoustic versions. The real recording from the floor of Parliament, played on the airwaves of Triple J, in full, because someone requested it.

And while the reactions have been coming in thick and fast – all positive, because shit’s a *bop* – the definitive take on the matter might well be this one:

Ya absolutely jokin’, 100% shoulda been higher.

The real kicker here? We’re only just now approaching the halfway mark of Requestival. What depths or heights can it achieve over the back end? Baby, that’s quite literally up to all of you.