Ocean Alley, G Flip, Meg Mac & Hilltop Hoods Are Goin’ Rural For 2019’s One Night Stand

The annual pilgrimage out to a regional town in Australia is upon us once again, and though we don’t know the location of Triple J‘s 2019 One Night Stand, we do know who we’ll be sharing the evening with.

[jwplayer vWVjZGsz]

Making the trip to one very lucky regional/rural town for one sweet, sweet night on Saturday September 14, your One Night Stand-ers include Hilltop HoodsMeg MacG Flip, and Ocean Alley, and one exceptionally stoked local Unearthed winner.

As always, if you can’t make it along to the gig in the yet-to-be-announced town, Triple J will be live streaming it all on the day, so you just gotta tune in.

In the 15 years it’s been tripping around the country, One Night Stand has put places like St Helens, CollieDalby, and Port Pirie on the map, drawing thousands of stoked punters into the local show-grounds or footy fields, and putting on a hell of a free gig.

One Night Stand time is the best too, because the whole town usually gets involved – local businesses dress up shop fronts, cafes put on ONS-inspired dishes, and one place even having to makeshift their own broadcast transmitter atop the highest hill in town so Triple J could beam it back to the rest of us. And never forget the one local who takes the rest of us on a tour of the town.

I remember years ago trying in earnest to get One Night Stand to my hometown of Ulladulla with no success, so I hope that your stomping ground has better luck than I ever did.

This year’s lucky spot will be announced during breakfast on Thursday June 27 with Ben & Liam, so keep your ear to the ground because you might just be welcoming in a few strangers from the city to your favourite hometown haunts.