Melbourne garage rockers and underground legends Total Control have netted a huge 7.8 score on Pitchfork this week for their record Henge Beat.

Bearing in mind that there is still a huge percentage of their own country, let alone their own city who are not aware of their existence, the ‘super group’, comprised of members of punk outfits Eddy Current Suppression Ring and UV Race have nonetheless raced straight through to the upper echelons of the hipster bible. To put this into perspective, Gotye‘s chart-topping Making Mirrors netted 7.7, the last Arctic Monkeys record got 7.5, and there are no entries for either Powderfinger or Silverchair.

It’s time to get acquainted. Here’s ‘Carpet Rash’. It goes for seven minutes and you should listen to all of it.

via M+N