WATCH: Liberal MP Namedrops Client Liaison In Parliament Like It’s A Dare

When the author of this article was in high school, he dared a friend to fill an English class paper with copious references to a certain rock band, the name of which is far too embarrassing to mention in 2017. To his credit, old mate absolutely packed that assignment with song titles and edgy lyrics. At the time, the thought of a teacher deciphering that piece seemed worthy of a barely-pubescent chuckle.

He failed that assignment. Miserably. Such foolishness (and a sincere appreciation for drop-tuned alt-rock) simply was not tolerated in the classroom.

That makes yesterday’s speech by Liberal MP Tim Wilson, delivered in the House of Representatives, patently bizarre. A 14-year-old was punished for namedropping a bunch of goatee aficionados, but Wilson was granted the leeway – hell, the ‘Diplomatic Immunity‘ – to deliver a missive playfully condemning the actions of band Client Liaison.

Ostensibly discussing the ability of high-earning Aussies to dodge taxes by fleeing overseas, Wilson damned the actions of the band while peppering his speech with references to the self-styled corporate high-flyers. In a short span, Wilson effectively implanted the track titles Off White Limousine, Electric Eyes, and yes, album title Diplomatic Immunity, into the Hansard.

The band themselves are well aware of the shenanigans, and have provided the clip for your enjoyment. Go on. Watch it. Just know that somewhere in Adelaide, faithful English teacher Mrs Nelson is absolutely livid.