The Veronicas Just Teased A New Tune & No Prizes For Guessing Who It’s About

HOOOO BOY, MATES. HERE WE BLOODY GO. The Veronicas have shot out of the blue this afternoon with a hot teaser for what’s clearly some sort of new single set to drop imminently, and it will absolutely not be devoid of dirt.

[jwplayer gNKCqtOD]

The Origliasso duo has not released any new music since 2017, but a long-awaited new album now appears imminent, thanks to the teaser which promised their new “story” will begin in March.

Hell’s bloody bells cop that one into yr faces would ya.

The song you’re hearing there is apparently called Without You, and the handful of lyrics we’re able to cop make it pretty dang clear that a certain floral-surnamed someone is the subject.

Jess & Lisa Origliasso (the latter now known as Lisa Huffman) have endured a tumultuous last couple of years in the public spotlight thanks to a pesky celebrity ex and a raft of accusations, including one from late December in which Lisa accused *she who shall not be named* of sending her a dildo on her wedding day with the accompanying note “eat a dick.”

At that time, Lisa made a lengthy Instagram post (that was subsequently deleted later), stating that the accused harasser had “taken protection in their celebrity & social platform for long enough.

Honestly, this all points to one thing: There’s tea, and lots of it, set to be spilled real, real soon.

Might wanna strap in, folks. This one could get bumpy.