We love a good yarn from deep within the rumour well, and this one is from so far down it there’s probably a charity single for its benefit. But nonetheless, it’s a bloody good rumour that is – we cannot stress this enough – huge if true.

The AFL has always been reasonably up against it when it comes to booking acts to perform before the Grand Final as part of the big day’s entertainment. It’s not exactly the easiest gig to tackle, after all; middle of the day in blinding sunlight, smack bang in the middle of the MCG, a solid 50+ metres away from the crowd in the stands who are all nervously necking mid-strength frothies in anticipation of the game beginning.

But with that said, in recent years the league has been quietly killing it. Ever since the infamous Meatloaf debacle in 2011, the AFL has put on the likes of Sting, Ed Sheeran, Chris Isaak, Tom JonesEllie Goulding, Vance Joy, The Living End, Birds of Tokyo, and Paul Kelly as pre-match performers.

The search for a performer at this year’s Grand Final is reportedly well underway, and if scuttlebutt is to be believed, the league has its sights on one of the biggest acts on the globe: The Killers.

3AW‘s Rumour File on Tuesday reported that the AFL is already in negotiations with the band to bring them to Melbourne for the biggest sporting event on the national calendar.

The band has a run of European dates set for the summer, but their tour schedule has a very convenient, Grand Final-sized hole in it between appearing at Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 5th, and Austin City Limits in Texas from October 6th.

This year’s AFL Grand Final is scheduled to go down on Saturday, September 30th, meaning there’d be plenty of time for the band to fly in, play at the ‘G, and scoot off back to the US in time for the Texas festival.

‘Course it’s mere speculation at this stage and no concrete announcement from the league is expected until August at the earliest.

Still, cross yr bloody fingers for a little ‘Mr. Brightside‘ action before the big dance this year, folks.

Shit would RULE if it winds up happening.

Source: 3AW.

Photo: Rob Loud/Getty.