Taylor Swift’s Newie ‘…Ready For It?’ Is Here And We Guess She Raps Now

The title for Taylor Swift’s bombastic newie is, well, a touch rhetorical. After slipping a minute’s worth of …Ready For It? into a promo for a college football game and watching the pop-minded go ballistic, we could have assumed that yes, the world is.

Now the track is out in the wild, we can safely say you’ll be able to handle it.

Featuring some of the blown-out percussion thrust into the public conscience by Kanye West himself, Swift’s second Reputation tune is less about revenge on those who’ve slighted her than having a good ol’ smang.

There’s also a fair bit of ra-ra sing-rapping, making this a Sleigh Bells offcut with a billion-dollar production budget. Wrap your ears around Tay’s latest evolution into what some may call ‘grittiness’ below: