Tash Sultana has just released a tune so slippery, so languorous, your bones might slip entirely out of your body.

Free Mind, the latest taste of her upcoming album, graced Aussie airwaves for the first time this morning. That’s dangerous, considering it should be illegal for a track this chill to drop so early on a Friday.

Truly. The 23-year-old multi-intrumentalist delivers her trademark guitar riffs over a bass line so smooth it should come with some kind of warning.

Sultana also took to Twitter to provide a little bit of context about the track’s origin, saying it’s actually a blessed combo of several other discarded semi-songs.

It’s the latest cut from her upcoming full-length Flow State, which is slated to drop at the end of the month. We’ve already melted, tbh.

Image: Steve Jennings / Getty Images