Total Icon Tash Sultana Has Collabed With New Balance To Promote Gender-Neutral Kicks


Tash Sultana has trailblazed the international music scene over the last few years. Having gone strength to strength since their bedroom-shred videos went viral online back in 2016, Tash is now adding another ‘uge role to their resume as a New Balance brand ambassador and collaborator.

The muso has joined forces with the sneaker-icons to help spread a positive message around gender inclusivity and mental health and celebrate New Balance’s unisex footwear and apparel lifestyle collections — which is super close to their heart. 

“There’s always been people that live in between or outside of the gender norms. We have always felt a divide in the world by not being represented and being told we either need to dress like a girl or act like a boy. Why can’t we just be whatever we want? We’ve always been here. Let’s close the divide,” Tash told PEDESTRIAN.TV, explaining why they chose to work with New Balance.

Tash identifies as gender-fluid and has also openly struggled with mental health in the past, which has inspired an “open dialogue” amongst their fanbase, where everyone can just “strip off the labels” and be themselves.

“I was born this way, this is who I am, and this is normal. I want to create awareness that we have always been this way. Our spirit is separate to the body, and the body is a vessel for expression,” said Tash. “I have never done anything with a brand before, so I wanted to wait until something felt right. I’m happy to align with New Balance because they’re a brand that is taking a step into the future and support gender inclusivity and all people.”

Tash shared that they hope collab between the two will inspire other big brands to release more inclusive, gender-neutral ranges that reflect the progress being made in society.

“There has and always will be people like me who don’t fit into the typical gender norms, and it’s time that big brands follow the lead of where we are headed,” said Tash.

Tash has had a pretty damn stacked 2021 — their second studio album Terra Firma debuted at the top spot on the ARIA charts and nabbed them another ARIA nomination (adding to the 12 they’d already scored). Tash will also be heading off on a massive tour in celebration of the record, including a show at Colorado’s iconic Red Rocks.