Tash Sultana & Cut Copy Land Tracks On ‘FIFA 18’ & We’re Cheering Already

Video games don’t get much bigger than EA’s FIFA franchise, and if you’ve never had a DualShock hurled at your head after a sweaty 89th minute equaliser, you’re probs in the minority. The soundtrack to that intense rage is generally pretty ace though, with a smattering of global artists providing solid tunes for your rampant button-mashing.

For FIFA 18, a couple of the tunes might be especially familiar to Aussie players: none other than Tash Sultana and Cut Copy are joining the ranks of Lorde, Weezer, alt-J, and The National.

As the universe is a sometimes a good place, Sultana’s Jungle and Cut Copy’s Standing In The Middle Of The Field will be broadcast to tens of millions of listeners worldwide. Sales for last year’s edition of FIFA topped the 11 million mark, so long story short: those two acts are getting PAID.

Before you get your clammy mitts on the game when it arrives on September 26, feel free to chuck a boog to the playlist:

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to sign current-day Lionel Messi, mid-2000s Steven Gerrard, and early-1970s Johan Cruyff to Adelaide United.